Announcing “Strange Change of Heart”

That’s what we’re calling the next album, and you’ll be able to hear the first songs from it on Tuesday, September 23rd.  Let me explain…

So, as I mentioned in the previous post, recording is underway on the new album.  It won’t be completely complete for a little while, but:

We’ll be releasing new music in batches as we complete it.

The first release, of 3 new songs, will go online next Tuesday.  Why are we doing it this way?  Well, for the most part, we’re just tired of not having released anything.  We also want to give you the chance to hear what we’re working on sooner.  We tried something like this before (back in 2008, if you can believe it), but this time we’re far better prepared.  This project was conceived and planned as a full-length album; we’re just releasing some songs earlier than others.

So as of the 23rd, you can expect to see the album listed on our music page, with 3 tracks available for streaming or download (for free, of course).  As the subsequent batches are finished, we’ll turn on streaming and download for them too.

One other thing:  if you happen pay close attention to the track list and album art after Tuesday, you might see some small changes.  Right now, we know what we want to do, but because we’re still deep in the midst of working on the album, it’s possible that we’ll decide to make some changes to make the final product better.  Nothing radical, but, y’know, plans change.

We’re excited to finally be back in action, and we think we have a good set of songs to share with you.  We hope you think so too.


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