Batch 2 is Live

Three new songs!

For context, the new ones are “Something Desperate,”  “On and On,” and “Tired of War.”  If you’re reading this post, you don’t have to go anywhere to listen, just scroll down a bit.  However, those so inclined can check out the new songs in fuller context on bandcamp, share on facebook  (which, by the way, is appreciated), cloud up the new sounds on soundcloud, or enjoy gazing at the motionless album cover while listening on youtube.  All the usual suspects.

Here are the three new ones:

And here’s a playlist of all six songs we’re released so far, in the order they’re slated to appear on the album*:

I must say, we’ve been impressively consistent with our track length.

We’re hoping to pick up the pace for the next batch, so stay tuned.  And, as always, if you like what we’re doing and would like for us to be able to continue doing it, spread the word!


*final album order subject to change if we feel like it.


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